What are the 12 most irritating office buzzwords in the UK?

  1. Touch base – 24%
    To meet in person and talk about a specific issue
  2. Blue Sky Thinking – 21%
    Creative thinking that breaks away from confined, ordinary ideas
  3. We’re On a Journey – 13%
    Suggesting a team has not reached its mission but is on its way
  4. Game Changer – 13%
    Something that dramatically changes assumptions about how things are done
  5. No-brainer – 13%
    Something immediately obvious or irrefutably a good idea
  6. Thought Shower – 11%
    A meeting to freely discuss new ideas in their early stages
  7. Run It Up The Flagpole – 11%
    To trail or present an idea to see what kind of reaction it gets
  8. If You Don’t Like It Get Off The Bus – 10%
    Suggestion that someone should just leave a company if they’re not happy
  9. Mission Statement – 10%
    An assertion of values an motivations with regard to a company and its work
  10. Pick It Up And Run With It – 10%
    Continuing with a project that was started by someone else
  11. Punch A Puppy – 9%
    To do something horrible for the long-term good of the company
  12. Let’s Get Our Ducks In A Row – 9%
    To fix different interests, parties and priorities in preparation for an event

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