How to see all the things Google knows about you

We have come to accept that the technology we interact with on a daily basis is tracking and recording our every move.

Your iPhone knows everywhere you’ve been, Google Maps is always tracking your location, and Facebook has built a detailed character profile of all its users.

By following these five steps you can see just how much Google knows about you, your interests, the places you have visited, and your search habits.

1. Go to

Google search web and app activity - Credit: Google

2. Make sure you’re logged into a Google account

Google only saves the searches you have made while logged into an unrestricted Google account. While it might not have every search you’ve ever made, it can give you a pretty accurate picture of your browsing habits.

3. Select the down arrow next to “last week” and change it to “all time”

Google web and app activity - Credit: Google

4. Browse your more recent search history by selecting “last month” and “last year”

Google web and app activity - Credit: Google

5. Delete your browsing data

You can delete the search data Google has stored for you by clicking the three dots on the top right hand side of the window and selecting “Delete options”. It gives you the immediate option to delete data from “Today” and “Yesterday”. If you click “Advanced” it then lets you delete information from the last four weeks or “All time”.

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