How to make the most of Small Business Saturday

Small business owners share tips ahead of Small Business Saturday, which celebrates shopping at local, independent stores.

This year’s Small Business Saturday will take place on Saturday 2 December.

  1. Collaborate: get involved with people and enterprises that complement your business; this will help amplify your reach.
  2. Give something for free on the day: a small sample of your product would be ideal.
  3. Use social media to run a competition, but make sure that you’re adding value to your customers by giving them something that they want. You can also use this to collect email addresses for your email marketing purposes.
  4. Provide a discount and donate a certain proportion to a charity: thereby providing a service that someone needs and giving them a feel-good factor when booking.
  5. Plan everything out a month in advance.
  6. Educate: explain why shopping with an independent is better for the local economy than with larger firms.

A perfect way to interact with the local community, see what you can arrange for small business Saturday.

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