Business Quotes for Imperfect Business Owners

It is not
the business of generals
to shoot one another.
Arthur Wellesley,
1st Duke of Wellington

(1769 – 1852, Anglo-Irish soldier and statesman;
defeated Napoleon Bonaparte at the Battle of Waterloo)

Never interrupt your enemy
when he is making
a mistake.
Napoleon Bonaparte

(1769 – 1821, French militarist and political leader)

Catch a man a fish,
and you can sell it to him.
Teach a man to fish,
and you ruin
a wonderful business opportunity.
Karl Marx

(1818 – 1883, German philosopher,
economist, and revolutionary socialist)


I don’t pay good wages
because I have
a lot of money;
I have a lot of money
I pay good wages.
Robert Bosch

(1861 – 1942, German industrialist,
engineer, and inventor)

The competitor to be feared
is one
who never bothers
about you at all,
but goes on
making his own business
better all the time.
Henry Ford

(1863 – 1947, American industrialist)


If you have always
done it that way,
it is probably wrong.
Charles Kettering

(1876 – 1958, American inventor,
engineer, and businessman)

Business is
more exciting
than any game.
Max Aiken, Lord Beaverbrook

(1879 – 1964, Anglo-Canadian business
tycoon, politician, and writer)


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