How can businesses tackle sexual harassment?


According to a recent BBC survey, almost half of British women and a fifth of men have been sexually harassed at work.

Parliament is so worried about it that MPs are conducting an inquiry into what can be done.

Company shareholders are also piling on the pressure, worried about the cost and reputational damage of sexual harassment cases.Sexual harassment complaint form

Marija Kramer, from one of the world’s most influential shareholder advisory companies ISS, says investors “are viewing sexual harassment as by-product of weak corporate policies, procedures, and controls”.

But sexual harassment is often carried out by powerful individuals, away from company premises and potential witnesses, and like Charlotte many victims are reluctant to report it. So what can firms do?



Counting cases

Cultural change

Gender balance

As companies raise the profile of sexual harassment through training, reporting and audit, it is starting to have an impact in the workplace.Maybe it is too early to call it a tipping point, but with a growing openness about sexual harassment, slowly the taboo is being stripped away from #MeToo.

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